Boost Your SEO without the Tricks

Group of Business People Having a MeetingIn its early days, search engine optimization just meant cramming as many keywords into your website or article page as possible. But as engine crawlers have become more sophisticated, and website visitors more internet savvy, it has become a weak and undesirable method for ranking well in search results. Great SEO is no longer about knowing the “tricks” and finding loopholes. Luckily, there are simple strategies you can use to boost your rankings.

Use keywords … but intelligently. Key-word stuffing is no longer a prime way to optimize for your search engine ranking. In fact, doing so can be off-putting for users and web crawlers alike. Be smart about which key words are most likely to attract the right audience, and be sure to use them, but don’t go overboard.

Create a user-friendly site. Believe it or not, just having a decent website will improve your site’s SEO. Google actually employs people who manually visit websites and rank them based on usability, quality of content, and other design metrics. Cross-browser compatibility is another credential of user-friendly experience. Ensuring that a Chrome enthusiast will get the same experience as those who still swear by Internet Explorer will ultimately improve your rankings.

Utilize social media. If your website has a loyal following that consistently views and shares your links, it will increase traffic on your site. Posting sharable content to maximize the number of views your website receives can give you a SEO boost.

Be authoritative. Is the information on your website credible? Establishing your website as an excellent source of news, entertainment, or information can be extremely beneficial for your rankings. SEO considers how many “authoritative” sites (like popular blogs, educational websites, and news sources) are referencing and sharing your information when determining rank. Publicity for your website through a popular, well-ranked source can give your own rankings a boost.

There is no exact formula for great search engine optimization, but there is no need to resort to parlor tricks. By using these simple strategies and focusing on creating a high-quality site, you can make your way up the ranking ladder.

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