Get noticed all month long — not just at newsletter issue time
Your newsletter content is already hard at work. It’s building relationships with customers and amassing an impressive resource library. Want that content to work even harder? Let Proven Systems repackage it and create more for social media!

Proven Systems can repurpose your articles for Facebook, Twitter and other content-sharing sites — even industry-specific sites and trade journals. And don’t forget your own company blog.

The low-hassle way to do social media
Social media is hot — but it can be a hassle to deliver content to several sites on a regular basis, especially when you have other priorities. But Proven Systems makes it easy to serve up fresh content.

Why else should you choose Proven Systems to run your social media campaign?

  • We manage the process; you approve it — that takes much less time than writing it yourself!
  • We charge one flat, budget-friendly fee for this service.
  • Useful content positions you as a problem-solving leader.
  • Show off your expertise and get noticed — effortlessly between newsletters.

Twitter without tears
Just as we do with your newsletter, we’ll take care of all the writing and scheduling. All you have to do is approve the content for release. That means you decide how much or how little involvement you want to have in your social media postings.

Outsourcing your social media campaign to Proven Systems is the logical next step because we’re the folks who produce and manage your newsletter. It’s also the fastest, most efficient way to get this important job done.