Why Moms Make Great Marketers

flowersWhy do moms make great marketers? The answer is simple: Because moms can do everything. And sometimes at the same time. They can be in four places at once. They can help with homework. They cook the best food. They can survive on limited amounts of sleep for long periods of time. They can act interested in anything: music programs, swim meets, plays, baseball. They can spread cold butter on bread. They can see behind them without looking. They can heal wounds. And they can always find your jacket.

Here at Proven Systems, we’re lucky to have three of these supermoms on staff!

Beth Dube rocks! She’s the glue that holds Proven Systems together. Beth stays on top of all the details of running a business: planning, finances, invoices, payroll, you name it. There’s never a dull moment for Beth. Even after putting in full days at Proven Systems, she keeps the Dube family on track — her five (that’s right, five!) awesome kiddos, Connor, Shayla, Savannah, Sage, and Cheyanne, keep her on her toes.

Dawn Cyr is a superstar! She’s so thoughtful and conscientious as our Content Manager, putting in extra time to make sure all of our clients get the attention they deserve. Her 8th grade daughter, Sarah, reaps the benefits of Dawn’s giving, fun-loving nature.

Kristy Burnett is a mover and a shaker! After her time at work as Social Media Manager, Kristy is no less social at home. Keeping up with her sons Hank, 12, and Buck, 9, means a lot of running around and busy weekends, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

We can’t leave out Amanda and Kimberly who spoil their canine kiddos: Georgia and Maxwell.

For all the long hours these women put in every week, both at work and at home, they are overdue for some pampering. This Mother’s Day, we hope all of our moms at Proven Systems enjoy a fun, relaxing, wonderful, peaceful day filled with candy, cocktails, bacon … and maybe even a much-deserved nap!


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