Outsource eNewsletter Production

Email newsletters are a vital element of any company’s marketing program. However, the task often falls to someone who already juggles many other important tasks throughout the workday. And when producing an email newsletter is added on top of those existing tasks, it can often become the bane of that employee’s existence.

Turning your newsletter over to a professional, full-service email newsletter outsourcing company can greatly assist in not only ensuring that your high quality eNewsletter is created and delivered on time, every time, but makes this possible with minimal demand on your internal resources — requiring just one to two hours of your time per issue.

“We understand the strain producing an email newsletter can put on a company’s internal resources,” says Marc Dube, president and founder of Proven Systems. “Our full-service solution is built on not just helping businesses juggle the many tedious and time-consuming aspects of regularly producing an email newsletter, but actually doing it for them.”

From start to finish, Proven Systems manages the entire email newsletter process:

  • Timeline management: Proven Systems keeps track of all send dates, timelines and other due dates in the eNewsletter production process.
  • Content management: Proven Systems handles all aspects of content creation, including article topic development, research, interviews, writing and editing.
  • Design management: Proven Systems creates and programs your eNewsletter design and handles HTML copy placement and photo insertions for each eNewsletter issue.
  • List management: Proven Systems diligently manages all of your lists, including the addition of new subscribers, the removal of all unsubscribers and scrubbing for duplicates.
  • Testing and distribution: Proven Systems tests each eNewsletter to ensure optimal functionality and manages distribution of each eNewsletter once you give your final approval.
  • Deliverability and CAN-SPAM compliance: Proven Systems keeps a finger on the pulse of the industry, and follows trends and regulations to ensure optimal deliverability and CAN-SPAM compliance.
  • Reporting: Proven Systems’ proprietary email campaign tracking software provides immediate results, letting you see who received and opened your message, viewer interests, and topics of choice.

Because Proven Systems manages every aspect of the eNewsletter production process, the client’s effort in bringing each issue to fruition is minimal. Just one to two hours per issue is required of a client’s time:

  • confirm topics
  • review articles and provide feedback
  • approve articles and give final approval for distribution

Working with Proven Systems lets you remain in complete control of your eNewsletter while confidently delegating the time-consuming production process to professionals who have the expertise, bandwidth and proven ability to get it done and distributed — on time, every time.


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