How We’re Surviving Fort Collins’ April Snowstorm of 2013

Dog in the snow

A little snow won’t keep Sweet Georgia Brown from having fun!

It’s been snowing here in Fort Collins. We’re on day three of seemingly constant snowfall, cold temps, and icy roads. It’s supposed to last another day. Yesterday, we had 15 inches of snow in Fort Collins, but with more overnight, we’ll likely have up to 18 inches. This is truly excellent news!

We’re all fine with the snow, especially since it’s been such a dry winter. But sometimes it seems harder to warm up on cold days in April than on frigid days in January. I think our body clocks are just naturally ready for warmer weather and some sunshine!

That’s where the dogs come in.

Nearly everyone on the Proven Systems team has a dog. This gang of furry friends does more than just warm us up — they’re also excellent stress relievers. After a long morning of meetings or several hours of copyediting, it’s nice to take a break and share stories about our four-legged friends.

Maxwell the Cocker Spaniel

Maxwell relaxes after a long snow-eating session.

Let’s meet the MVCs (Most Valuable Canines!) at Proven Systems:

  • Maxwell loves to cuddle Jordan and Kimberly, our B2B email marketing experts. This American Cocker Spaniel excels at giving high-fives, chasing squeaky frogs, and posing for pictures. He doesn’t play in the snow a lot, but he loves to eat it.
  • Ringo helps Dawn, master of content development, shovel the snow in her driveway. His unique method of using his face to clear the powder may not be overly efficient, but it sure is adorable!
  • Sweet Georgia Brown loves the snow. When she’s not burrowing through drifts or munching on snowballs, Amanda’s English Springer Spaniel enjoys hunting, playing ball, and snuggling.
  • Tucker, Marc and Beth’s favorite dog, is a Jack Russel/Rat Terrier mix—yes, a JackRat. Tucker only stands about 1 foot high, but he sure loves playing in the 3-foot snow drifts, having fun frolicking and jumping from place to place. Little Tucker spends his time shivering (even in July!) and chomping on shoes or anything else of high value he can find.
  • Symcha is Marc and Beth’s sweet white German Shepherd. It’s hard to see her right now though because she blends right into the huge mounds of snow.
dog with snowy face

Ringo loves the snow!

You may be hearing on the news about the incredibly wintry spring storm hitting Fort Collins, but thanks to our delightful doggies, we’ll get through it!

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Tucker can't find anything to chew on!

Tucker can’t find anything to chew on!

Symcha, the Snow Queen.

Symcha, the Snow Queen.


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