Better Beers Inspire Better Marketing

Old Town Fort Collins

Coopersmith’s Pub and Brewing is in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins.

It’s February. Many of us suffer from spring fever this time of year. We’re craving some sunshine, free time, and delicious brews—let someone else do the work! If that sounds like you, then come on out to Fort Collins, Colo., for Spring Break!

Fort Collins is home to eight breweries, and other cities along the Front Range and Western Slope of Colorado boast craft breweries, too. In fact, Colorado supports 8% of the craft breweries in the U.S., making Colorado the “Napa Valley of Craft Breweries.” Yes, the entire state seems to have gone beer-crazy, but Fort Collins really is the mecca, with notable breweries like New Belgium Brewing Co. and Odell Brewing Co., and unique, smaller breweries like Funkwerks and Black Bottle Brewery.

Proven Systems is right smack in the middle of Fort Collins. You may think it’s hard to get our work done with all of the delicious distractions around. Not so! Research from 2012 points to better, more creative problem-solving after one or two beers. Jennifer Wiley is the lead author of the study, and she concludes, “Innovation may happen when people are not so focused. Sometimes it’s good to be distracted.”

In the office, we all stay sharply focused. But when it’s time to renew our creativity, we have lots of options for relaxing and socializing.

Odell Brewing Company

Odell Brewing Company hosts a full house every weekend in its taproom.

Whether it’s a bike tour of the local breweries, hiking up Horsetooth, or walking along the Poudre River, outdoor activities usually rule in Fort Fun. Luckily, the 300 days of sunshine per year guarantee plenty of opportunities to play outside. And the numerous breweries in town have a brew for every palette. For example, Jordan likes lambic beers, so New Belgium’s La Folie is right up his alley. Kimberly prefers lighter fare, so she gets excited for Coopersmith’s Watermelon Kolsch every year. And speaking of Coop’s, Marc loves the Sigda’s Green Chile ale. (Mmm, spicy!) Amanda lives nearby, so she loves to ride to New Belgium for its summer seasonal, Skinny Dip. Dawn indulges in a Cutthroat Porter from Odell Brewing Co. every once in a while. You can frequently find Kristy on the patio at Funkwerks, sampling the saisons, and Adam, well, Adam’s not picky.

So consider a visit to Fort Collins, Colo! You’ll find plenty of creative inspiration in the form of craft beer, and you can meet the marketing team at Proven Systems!

If you want to talk about email marketing techniques or craft beer, get in touch with us! Send an email to or visit the resources page on our website.


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  1. Nicely done, friends at Proven Systems! The theory and the supporting evidence might put a trip to Fort Collins on my short-list!

    • We’d love to show you around, Susan!

  2. Yes I am.