To Get More Customers, Maintain a More Active Web Presence

Finger pointing to search buttonFor B2B companies, a well-designed and informative website isn’t enough of a web presence anymore. Web-savvy customers expect even veteran B2B companies to be available via a number of marketing channels. Are you proactive enough with your online marketing?

Good news: According to The Earnest Agency, nine out of 10 B2B buyers will look for a vendor when they are ready to make a purchase. Most (81%) will perform a web search, 59% rely on peer recommendations, and 41% read content from industry thought leaders. Staying on top of your web presence in its many forms ensures that your prospects can find you through all these avenues.

The more content you publish, the more leads you’re likely to get. Polaris found that company websites with 101-200 web pages generate 2.5 times more leads than sites with a smaller web presence — say, 50 or fewer pages. Add specialized landing pages and blog posts on hot topics, and the outlook is even better: Companies with a web presence of 200 or more total blog posts generate an average of five times as much traffic as those with 10 or fewer blog posts. And Polaris also found that 57% of companies that blog have acquired at least one customer through their blogs.

Peer recommendations
There are more ways than ever for B2B buyers to share the experiences they’ve had with vendors — and that’s why it’s so important that you go where the customers are with your web presence. The Earnest Agency found that B2B buyers most often share useful vendor content with peers via email (79%), followed by LinkedIn (53%), Twitter (39%), and Facebook (18%). So for best results, make sure your web presence is both active and interactive in all of those channels where prospects and customers discuss vendor recommendations.

Valuable content
Content marketing remains extremely popular, not least because it takes so many useful forms. MarketingProfs reports that B2B content marketers favor the use of articles on their own sites (83%), followed by eNewsletters at 78%; blogs at 77%; and case studies, videos, and externally published articles at about 70% each.

Online marketing is important, but with so many irons in the online fire, it’s not always easy to be everywhere you need to be with your web presence. Consider outsourcing your content creation and marketing projects to marketing professionals like the ones at Proven Systems. Our newsletters establish you as an industry expert, nurture your customer relationships, and generate leads — and the content we create for your newsletter can be repurposed into different formats to reach other audiences in more channels. We can also help you keep your blog updated with the kind of web presence that wins you customers and generates even more leads.

Don’t have time to manage all the channels of your web presence and produce an effective email newsletter? That doesn’t mean you have to fall behind. Contact the professionals at Proven Systems at (800) 720-5398 or for a no-cost consultation to learn more.


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