How Can I Increase Web Conversions?

A:To increase Web conversions and get prospects moving through the sales funnel more quickly and efficiently, you must offer value to prospects and get it in front of them so they can take advantage of it. Don’t hide valuable offers on the home page of your website and expect prospects to stumble upon it. Too passive! Create something you know is valuable to prospects — a free white paper or how-to video, for example — and make it downloadable right from the home page of your email newsletter.

When a prospect sees the offer and takes the desired action like downloading a whitepaper or watching a video, one more Web conversion has been made and a new prospect has entered the sales funnel. In the online sales process, a Web conversion is like a user raising his or hand and saying “Yes, I’m interested! What can you offer me?” The sales process is much easier when such engagement has already transpired between your sales staff and a prospect.

As discussed in a previous eAdvisor article Make Web Conversions Easier, Proven Systems has identified specific tactics that can increase a company’s Web conversion rate. Where you place your online offer and the specific information you ask for from those signing up can dramatically affect your Web-conversion success. Learn more about this proven tactic and six more in Proven Systems’ latest white paper 7 Ways to Double Web Conversions in 30 Days.


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