Add eFliers to Marketing Mix

A good eFlier gets straight to the point and has a clear call to action. eFliers are arguably the most powerful yet versatile marketing tool for communicating a single message and evoking a specific action from readers.

eFliers can be extremely effective for specific uses:

  • Event marketing Communicate the details of a specific event and ask people to register or RSVP.
  • Product launches Announce a new product or service and briefly highlight its specifications and/or features. Get readers to act by offering a free trial, demo or discount.
  • Limited-time promotions — eFliers are a great vehicle for communicating short-term, act-now promotions. Because newsletters are typically sent monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, short-term promotions may expire before they ever have a chance to be featured in a newsletter. eFliers can fill the gap and draw attention to your time-sensitive promotions.
  • Corporate announcements — Use eFliers to relay an important change within your business or products and services by highlighting the announcement and driving readers to your website for more information. Instead of hoping your customers see the announcement on your website or making them wait for your next newsletter issue, you can send an eFlier to help ensure they get the important message.

The common denominator among these types of eFliers is that they are meant to deliver a specific message and elicit a certain response. But what if your main objective isn’t to highlight a single product, service or message but rather to simply feed your sales funnel with new leads? eFliers can still work for you!

No risk, high value
Proven Systems has had great success implementing lead-generation eFlier campaigns on behalf of clients looking to grow their business with new leads. And the best part for the clients? They pay only for the leads acquired. Proven Systems’ Pay-for-Performance program allows clients to pay only for the qualified sales conversations that the program generates.

The Proven Systems team first performs a thorough analysis of a company’s offerings and its target audiences and then develops marketing eFliers designed to drive attention to a very specific offer contained within the collateral. The client is charged only for the tangible sales opportunities each eFlier generates. If none are generated, there is no cost.

“Our goal is to offer a solution in which a client doesn’t have to go through the process of figuring out what works while investing in trials that might be unsuccessful and thus a waste of company dollars,” explains Proven Systems Founder Marc Dube. “We do all the work; the client pays only for the successes. So the client has everything to gain and very little to lose.”

Proven Systems has years of practice delivering tangible value through short, targeted email messages — and seeing them turn into real results for clients.

“This gives us the confidence needed to offer a program in which we assume the risk, not the client,” Dube says.


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