What is Proven Systems?

Proven Systems is a team of email marketing experts with a proven process and proven results. We design, write, program and send newsletters on your behalf, and we act as a trusted, reliable extension of your marketing department.

What exactly will a newsletter do for our company?

  • Educate prospects
  • Raise awareness of your products and services
  • Build brand recognition
  • Position your company as a thought leader
  • Increase web conversions
  • Generate sales inquiries

How can you write content on our behalf?

You are the experts in your industry; we are the experts in creating eNewsletters and social media content. We research the problems your company solves for your market, and we produce actionable and interesting articles, always keeping the reader’s perspective in mind.

We already have email software we like. Do we have to use yours?

No. After we produce all of the creative, we can either deliver it to your Web team for distribution or send it for you. Either way works very well.

What are some of the benefits of using your software rather than some of the other products on the market today?

Flexibility — There is basically unlimited room for customization in design, unlike off-the- shelf software that often force you to conform to premade templates.

Customer Service — An entire team of marketing professionals is ready to help you. Our expertise goes beyond technical questions; we help you make your product better, find good email lists, and achieve better results with your emails.

Tracking — With our software, we can identify exactly who clicked through to your website and which articles were read.

What is the real difference I will see by choosing Proven Systems instead of a do- it-yourself software option?

Basically, your eNewsletter will get done, professionally, consistently and on time. Without spending countless hours of your own time, you receive a final product that contains customer-centric, interactive articles that your clients will want to read and come to depend on.

What if we don’t have an email list?

We can help you obtain an appropriate, targeted email list from a reputable broker. Proven Systems also offer tips on how to grow your email list fast.

How often should I send a newsletter?

Length of sales cycle, other marketing strategies and budget all influence the frequency of newsletter sends. We offer monthly, bimonthly and quarterly newsletter schedules: 40 percent of our clients send monthly, 40 percent quarterly and 20 percent bimonthly.