Not Your Typical Email Marketing Agency

“… permission-based eNewsletters are the silver bullet in a noise-congested marketing world.”

Proven Systems was formed in March 2001 from a traditional sales and marketing agency. Marc Dube, founder of Proven Systems, observed that most clients understood the need for consistent communication with key audiences. However, many companies were simply too busy to get it done, which cost them new customers, limited sales to existing customers and discouraged customer retention.

Dube concluded that eNewsletters are the missing foundational communication piece in a typical marketing mix. From recognizing this need — to help clients communicate concisely and consistently — Proven Systems’ email marketing service was born.

Ten years later, eNewsletters survive as a powerful communication tool, but with added advantages. Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media both work better with fresh content from an eNewsletter. With an eNewsletter, clients get the best of both worlds: fast results from the newsletter distribution and slower, steady growth provided by social media and SEO.

Today, companies worldwide are finding that permission-based eNewsletters are the silver bullet in a noise-congested marketing world. Proven Systems’ eNewsletter marketing customer list has grown from a local base to a constellation of varied companies across America and around the world.

“… the nation’s best eNewsletters …”

At Proven Systems, we have an obsession with doing one thing, and one thing only: providing the nation’s best eNewsletter marketing program. Such focused specialization in eNewsletter production means Proven Systems clients benefit from proven processes and expertise.

As time has progressed, so has Proven Systems. We have added services that strengthen the value of clients’ email marketing programs. Items like sales lead generation, additional social media content and email list brokerage services improve the overall results of email marketing campaigns.

Whether your company is in telecommunications, logistics, retail, finance, health care, government, manufacturing or engineering, we’re ready for you. This is reflected in everything we do: from our highly refined process, to our expert marketing staff, to our email software marketing system that delivers results.

We know your company is unique and promise you an eNewsletter that reflects your distinct corporate character, while saving time and maximizing results.