What’s the No. 1 Rule for Email Marketing Success?

great_questionIn a word, relevance. In a March 2013 survey by BtoB Magazine, B2B marketers say their No. 1 email marketing success tactic is delivering content that’s relevant to a particular segment of their readers.

The Lyris Annual Email Optimizer Report shows that email list segmentation brings a wealth of benefits:

  • 39% increase in open rates
  • 34% increase in email relevance
  • 28% lower unsubscribe rate
  • 24% increase in sales leads
  • 15% decrease in spam complaints
  • 14% improvement in word-of-mouth

Remember: Relevance is key to engaging your contacts. So improve your email list segmentation, create content that’s applicable to those readers, and increase your chances for email marketing success!

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  1. Segmentation is one aspect of email marketing improvement, but don’t forget that additional lift comes from well targeted content and offers.