Staying on Message

Everyone in the advertising business has heard the “magic 7” rule: Prospects must see your company’s name seventimes or more before it resonates with them enough to consider giving you their business.

While you want your core message to be focused and consistent, the way you say it and how it’s delivered can and should vary. Keep your message fresh with new hook lines and varying examples or stories. And you need to target your audience using multiple formats: email, social media, blog posts, video, etc. There are too many great marketing vehicles available to be one-dimensional. offers this advice: “Don’t let your email marketing be like the dreaded, boring party guest everyone avoids. Instead, be the guest everyone flocks to for engaging, entertaining content that’s fresh and new, every single time.”

Organize it!
One tip to maintaining a fresh message without derailing your campaign’s focus is to create an editorial calendar that maps out exactly what message will be delivered on what platform and when. While it may require more thought and work in advance, it will help you deliver your message strategically over time to the right people using various methods.

A well-crafted editorial calendar serves several functions:

  • helps you reach multiple audiences
  • puts a process in place that becomes part of your everyday routine
  • reduces time you spend repeating your message when selling and/or in your customer service efforts
  • makes business run smoother
  • reduces time and effort otherwise required of your staff

Another useful idea — and one that is key to good content marketing — is to repurpose your content across multiple platforms. For example, one feature article in your newsletter may contain enough juicy and engaging content to be modified into three short blog posts or 10 tweets/Facebook posts. Or maybe after you’ve published 10-15 blog posts on a related topic, the blog posts can be repurposed into a valuable eBook on that topic.

It’s essential to reiterate your core company message for customers to remember it. Although you’ve heard it again and again, your potential clients have not. Get creative, get organized, and get your message out!


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