Does Video Affect eNewsletter Deliverability?

video_enewsletterQ: Our company invested in having a corporate video produced, and we’d like to show it to as many people as possible. Are there any reasons why we shouldn’t include it in our eNewsletter?

A: Using your email newsletter is a highly effective way to distribute your video. There are some caveats, though. A video that plays from the main page of your newsletter is likely to send your message straight to junk mail. And depending on their email program, users who do receive the newsletter may find that the video doesn’t function properly.

To avoid this issue, place a screenshot of your video on the main page and link to where the video is hosted. You can also host a video on an article page and have it play within the frame of the page. In this way, you make sure your newsletter’s deliverability isn’t affected, and you’re able to put your video in front of all of your readers.

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