Why Hire a Newsletter Marketing Company?

marketing_chartYou’re ready to ramp up your business. The sales team doesn’t have high quality leads. Current clients aren’t getting enough interaction. New products or services aren’t adequately promoted. Your company’s story isn’t being told. You decided an email newsletter will address all of these high-priority B2B marketing issues.

An online marketing campaign is the right decision. However, it’s pretty common for companies to underestimate the amount of effort it takes to produce effective, interesting online collateral. Too often, the cons of producing it in-house outweigh the pros of a newsletter marketing program. Don’t let the idea of a regular online publication languish simply because the task seems so daunting — outsource the project to an experienced marketing company.

When you outsource your content production, you’ll see substantial savings in your most valuable resource: time. There are many other benefits to hiring specialized email marketers, too.

  1. Expertise. You know your field, whether it’s telecommunications, publishing, or financial services. Devote your time and energy to perfecting your work, and entrust marketing experts to tell your story to your customers and prospects.
  2. Experience. Designing an email newsletter is not the same as designing a Web page. Asking your Web developer to come up with an design will likely not produce the results you expect. The finished product may not render correctly for different inboxes or worse yet, not be delivered at all due to the numerous issues that can cause a message to be rejected.
  3. Creativity. You want a design that pops! The whole point of implementing a newsletter program is to make your company stand out. A one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach available from the do-it-yourself companies will make your newsletter look like everyone else’s. No matter how fantastic your copy is, if it looks unappealing or has a stale presentation, no one will read it or interact with it.
  4. Administration. Compliance and list management tasks are time consuming! Are you up on the regulations for electronic sends? The ins and outs of CAN-SPAM? The benefits of an opt-in email list? People often don’t realize how much time and energy these tasks can demand.

Your company is very near and dear to you, and you may feel like nobody but you can tell your story. Don’t worry. When you hire a reputable email marketing company, you relinquish the work, not the control.

You know a newsletter is just what your business needs, but getting it done is a challenge. Don’t get dragged down by the details. Let Proven Systems help you make your dream newsletter a reality. Contact marc@provensystems.com.


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