What Content Marketers Can Learn from Nonprofits

dollar in hand backgroundThere are a lot of nonprofit organizations out there, some well-known and others more obscure. But all of them share one similar characteristic: they depend entirely on the support and generosity of others to remain functional and sustainable enterprises.

We can learn a lot about great content marketing from nonprofits because their livelihood depends on being able to create a strong connection between their brand and their donors through telling a captivating story. There are a few overarching strategies that nonprofits use in their campaigns that can be applied to a B2B content marketing plan.

Allow people to tell their own stories. Encouraging a two way conversation between your audience and your business can be extremely beneficial. Charity: water is an excellent example of a nonprofit that promotes this kind of engagement. Their online platform allows people to create fundraising campaigns based on personal events, such as birthdays or holidays, and share their personal connection to the cause with others. Building up a base of “ambassadors” for your brand will expand your audience and instill confidence in your product or services.

Adapt content to be in line with your cause. ALS Association created an enormously successful campaign with their Ice Bucket Challenge. Although the campaign produced great results for ALSA by simulating the muscle-numbing effects of the disease, it would probably be less successful for an organization like the Humane Society, which advocates for animals. From a B2B perspective, the same idea applies. A white paper might be very successful for one company but not garner much engagement for another. Determine what content is most relevant to your organization and focus your production efforts on that particular medium.

Tell stories that compel people to action. The Falling Whistles organization uses “A single story of a single day” to make a huge impact on readers by taking them through just one day in the war-ridden Congo. Rather than overwhelming a site visitor with too much information, they tell a short story with a powerful impact. As a B2B company, it is important to remember that less can be more. Identify the features or products offered by your business that will resonate with your potential or current customers and cause them to take action.

Use your content to educate, inform, and inspire. Nonprofits use this tried-and-true method consistently. After all, most people are unwilling to part with their hard-earned money if they don’t think a particular cause has value. As a B2B business, you should do the same. Educate your target market about your industry, inform them about the unique features your business offers, and inspire them to contact your company and take the next steps.

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