Should You Outsource Your Blog?

man writing blogFew marketing pieces have the personal feel of a well-written blog. Readers feel a connection to the writer and find value in the content. Often, business leaders believe they need to personally write these pieces to get them just right, that their ideas won’t be accurately or completely portrayed by someone else. Or they’re concerned that the blog won’t seem genuine if another person writes it.

Wait a minute. We’re talking about B2B blogs here, not personal experiences from your trek through the Amazon! Your company’s blog serves very different functions than your personal one. The most important features of a corporate blog are

  • Perfecting company image
  • Driving traffic to website
  • Consistency in frequency and messaging
  • Professional, thoughtful content

When all of these needs are met, your corporate blog will be a strong cornerstone of your content marketing.

However, the stakes are high! You don’t want just anyone to write for your company, but you may not want to take on yet another task.

The right content marketing vendor for your blog will bring experience and expertise to the table. Outsourcing offers some advantages that you may not have even considered:

  • A different perspective will bring fresh subjects/angles to light.
  • Blog writing is specialized writing and requires specific skills for success.
  • Your online presence continues, even when you’re on vacation or overwhelmed with other tasks.

Don’t feel guilty for asking for help with your blog. It’s an important point of entry into your company. It’s critical that your posts are written consistently, professionally, and thoughtfully, and with the right outsourcing partner, you can make all that happen without taking on the entire task yourself.


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