Is Your Content Readable?

178789260So you’re producing original content for your blog or website, or for another medium. That’s great! That’s the first step to solidifying your brand image and promoting communication with your target market — but not the only step. In order for your content to succeed, it needs to do more than just exist: It needs to be readable.

Let’s say you have a business that makes cake (because everyone loves cake). You might be so passionate about baking cakes that you write an article informing your clients about “the effervescent properties of sodium bicarbonate releasing carbon dioxide to achieve maximum buoyancy in confections.” Maybe a select few readers who understand the science of baking will be interested in the article, but everyone else will be confused. The fact is that most people would rather read about “how to make a cake fluffy” in easy terms that they’ll understand.

When you write original content, remember that you are creating it for your potential client, and it is your job to make it as readable as possible.

Why is readability important?

If your clients expect you to put their needs first, shouldn’t your readers expect the same? A potential buyer who is using their valuable time to learn more about your business should not have to exert more effort trying to understand technical jargon or confusing material. There’s also the chance that a reader speaks or reads English as a second language, has a reading disability like dyslexia, or does not have the background education to interpret some kinds of extremely technical or industry-specific writing.

In the words of Maya Angelou, “Easy reading is damn hard writing. But if it’s right, it’s easy. It’s the other way around too. If it’s slovenly written, then it’s hard to read. It doesn’t give the reader what the careful writer can give the reader.”

How can I make my content more readable?

While there is no real formula for easy readability, there are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Keep it short. Be concise and don’t take on a topic that is too broad. Ask yourself — is every word necessary?
  • Read it aloud. See if your words and sentences flow easily off your tongue, and make a change if you stumble over a sentence or phrase.
  • Make sure it’s well organized. Are you sporadically jumping from topic to topic, or do your thoughts and ideas flow from one subject to another?
  • Have a call to action. Do your readers know what to do afterwards? Be sure to include directions on how to learn more or how to get in contact with your company.

Your content is written to be read, so don’t put any roadblocks between your audience and your message. Make sure your content is readable so you don’t waste anyone’s time — yours, or your readers’.

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