Creativity in Content Marketing: A Poem

content marketing

Shall I compare thee to a CTA?
Thou art a classic and compelling tool…

It’s National Poetry Month, and you know what that means — it’s time to write a poem about content marketing.

Okay, maybe that’s not immediately where your mind went. But the thing about poetry is that by paying close attention to the words you choose and the order you put them in, you can convey information in a unique and condensed form — and that’s very relevant to content marketing. Poetry allows you to send a message that isn’t necessarily obvious, and as marketers, that’s part of our goal: Send a message that’s subtle but effective.

And that’s not all; using creativity in your content marketing program has been shown time and time again to be a smart idea. So without further ado …

Content Marketing: A Sonnet

The B2B marketing sea is vast;
A million ships amass upon its peaks.
And your ship, too, will easily be passed
Without some trick to show it is unique.

To churn out blog posts like a factory
Might seem to be a helpful little perk,
But quality is best, not quantity
To interest future clients in your work.

Your expertise is in your industry,
Not marketing, like we here at PS.
To truly show your great ability,
Let fall to us the burden and the stress.

Outsourcing content is a move well-played—
So contact us to learn how we can aid.

A poem might not be the answer to your content marketing troubles. But thinking about your content marketing program from a fresh angle could help you see solutions and ideas that might not have occurred to you before.

Don’t be afraid to approach content marketing in a unique way! You never know how valuable your creativity might prove to be.

Need a fresh angle on your content marketing? Contact the experts at Proven Systems by email or at (970) 223-6565 for a no-cost consultation on how your content marketing can be improved.

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