Content Marketing: 4 Hang-Ups and How to Beat Them

content marketing hang-upsThe most effective processes and systems are often the most difficult to execute and keep up with — and content marketing is no different. Here are four challenges you have probably come up against in your content marketing, and how to beat them.

Engaging Your Audience
It can be difficult to accurately target a large audience. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute found the number one content marketing challenge marketers face is “producing the kind of content that engages prospects and customers.” But no matter how difficult it is, it’s also necessary: Targeting your content marketing has been proven time and time again to increase the effectiveness of your program.

But don’t worry — targeting your content marketing is as easy as knowing your audience. Ensure that you know your target demographics, study your analytics to find what sorts of people are frequently visiting your website and engaging with your content, and when it doubt … ask them! Try a poll or questionnaire; invite communication. You never know what your audience will tell you.

Creating New & Different Content
Keeping content marketing fresh is always hard, and it only gets harder the longer you have to do it for. But there are plenty of good ideas that can fill in gaps when you can’t think of what to write about:

  • Interviews are a bottomless well of content.
  • Industry news is constantly changing and updating.
  • Something casual and lighthearted, perhaps about your team, makes readers feel more personally connected to your business.
  • Talk with coworkers; different departments have different concerns and thoughts.

Still stuck? Check out our blog on conquering writer’s block.

Keeping Track
Even if your content marketing is succeeding, if you aren’t measuring or tracking it, you’re missing opportunities to improve. You should be collecting data from everywhere that you can get it, and then analyzing it for trends to guide your future marketing.

Proven Systems clients can achieve this comprehensive data knowledge with ConvertAVisit. This new software provides a detailed look at who is engaging with your content marketing, and how.

Finding Time
Content marketing is time-consuming — there’s no way to fight it. Even when you understand how important it is, sometimes it still just doesn’t get done. But consistency is valuable, and if you lose consistency, you will lose prospects.

Outsourcing your content marketing can save you time and improve your marketing program as a whole. The content marketers at Proven Systems are experts at what we do — just like you’re an expert at what you do. Let us put our proven marketing systems to work on your business, and show you what we can do.

Don’t let content marketing challenges hold up your business’s success. Contact the experts at Proven Systems by email or at (970) 223-6565 to learn how we can help.


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