Are You Getting Results from Your Content Marketing Strategy?

emailWhen you implement any new business strategy, you want to see results. Identifying these results is important for measuring your new strategy’s success. Your content marketing program is no different.  But exactly what result do you want from your content marketing efforts?

Often times, businesses say their goal is to get their name or brand “out there,” educate potential clients, or position themselves as industry leaders — but those aren’t actually results. They’re benefits, and although you want to take advantage of those too, a content marketing program needs to show results to be justifiable. And results are tangible and measurable.

There are a variety of results that good content marketing can deliver to your business; you simply need the right tools to accomplish your goals.

  • Generate qualified leads — The primary goal of most marketing strategies is to generate … you know, more business. As long as you can keep track of where your leads come from, measuring sales leads is easy — it’s getting good ones that’s the tricky part. Attracting qualified sales leads takes a very specific, targeted marketing strategy, such as an eFlier program. While eNewsletters and blogs serve the purpose of educating prospects, eFliers are the follow-up tool that drives results. These short, compelling, highly targeted emails go to individuals who already know about your services and are ready to take the next step.
  • Boost interaction — Not all content marketing efforts are made equal — and not every business is solely seeking sales growth. If your goal is to talk to more clients and prospects more frequently, then consider using tools that’ll encourage people to reach out. Regular eNewsletters and blog posts that include well-placed calls to action and compelling offers will catch the attention of prospects and customers. Just watch your analytics to see if more visitors visit your website after a newsletter send, and when someone calls or emails, make note of where they heard about your business. These numbers will tell you which areas of your content marketing strategy are resulting in more Web conversions and boosting interaction.
  • Increase sales to existing customers — Consistent communication with your clients ensures they’re familiar with your products and services, even as those things change and grow over time. Many of your social media followers and eNewsletter subscribers have already done business with you. Use their trust and familiarity to your advantage! Create articles, tweets, and Facebook posts that illustrate new services, product upgrades, or additional features. Then see how many customers respond.

Once you know what results you want from your content marketing strategy, you can not only shape your actions to guide your business efficiently towards those results, but you can also gauge your progress more accurately. Use analytics to see which content marketing programs are a success — and focus your efforts there!

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