8 Ways to Inspire Your Content Marketing

inspirationHave you ever sat down with your editorial calendar without a single idea to stick in there? Done that. Covered this. Beat that topic into the ground … At times, it feels impossible to find new angles for your marketing!

Every content marketer has faced this challenge: Your once-flickering creative flame has gone out. But you can rekindle that fire. You can find that loving feeling again. Here are some simple ways I re-find inspiration for our content:

  1. Talk to coworkers. Your colleagues may be facing new challenges or getting the same questions over and over again. Use their knowledge and experience to come up with new topics or angles for blogs.
  2. Read industry publications. It’s always good to know the latest and greatest thing in your field. You don’t want to be “that guy” still talking about how great beepers are. All of your content, including newsletter articles and blog posts, should demonstrate your expertise in your industry.
  3. Read the newspaper. Tie breaking stories into your content. Whether you find influence from serious happenings like extreme weather events or pop culture experiences like naming the Kardashian baby, current news items can turn old topics into something timely and fresh.
  4. Take a break. Getting some fresh air usually helps me gain a new perspective. Clear your head to make room for some sweet new vibes.
  5. Look at competitors’ websites. Keep friends close, and your enemies closer. What are they writing about? How are they communicating with their prospects, and what are they talking about?
  6. Drink a beer. (After work, of course!) In Fort Collins, this is kinda like the old adage to “sleep on it.” We’d rather “drink on it.” So grab a cold one and relax. You have to let the ideas come to you. Sometimes the harder you try, the more elusive that great brainwave is.
  7. Take notes at staff meetings. Ideas can pop up during company-wide discussions. Somebody will say something witty that you can use in your marketing. Next thing you know, the concept for a podcast is born.
  8. Start writing. Some people fear the blank white screen. Getting started is often the most difficult part of any endeavor. Take a deep breath, and get those fingers moving. The million-dollar ideas are sure to follow.

That last one is really the ticket. No good marketing ideas come without a little trial and error. One idea will beget another, and before you know it, you’ll have an entire eBook planned out! If the writer’s block persists, cut yourself a little slack. Coming up with fresh, interesting, valuable, timely, well-written, helpful, thought-provoking, and compelling articles isn’t easy.

Great content marketing doesn’t “just happen” — unless you partner with a pro. If you want effective newsletters and blogs without the stress, then talk to Proven Systems. We’ll never run out of fresh ideas.  


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