Rock Solid Communication

Pam Welty, marketing communications specialist at GIW Industries — a leader in the slurry pump industry — used to struggle with trying to produce two print newsletters: one for customers and one for employees.

GIW wanted to keep in touch with these important audiences, but the workload was a lot for Welty to accomplish on top of her regular duties. She put endless hours into producing each issue, and finally, she decided she needed help. She turned to Proven Systems, who developed a regular outgoing eNewsletter as well as an internal employee eFlier. The results have exceeded GIW’s expectations.

Past struggles

Before working with Proven Systems, Welty was the sole producer of GIW’s newsletters. The customer newsletter was the top priority, but it was very difficult to get out on the quarterly deadline. Welty asked fellow employees to write what they could, but she often ended up writing the articles herself based on outlines or drafts. She also dealt with the printers and reviewed the proofs.

And the employee newsletter? “It never had a home,” Welty says. The responsibility shifted between the human resources and marketing departments, making it difficult to produce.

But when Welty started working with Proven Systems, she stopped asking the question that always ran through her head: “When am I ever going to get this newsletter out the door?”

Customized options

Proven Systems developed an eNewsletter that Welty can count on. All she does is provide contacts and information about the approved article topics, and Proven Systems takes it from there.

“I just send the information out, and it’s just been such a relief,” Welty says. “The reduction of the workload on me is amazing.”

GIW also launched an employee eNewsletter that primarily addresses health and safety topics. The employees love the concise presentation, which fits their schedules, Welty says.

“Everybody’s so busy, it’s great to have something that’s in one place and so easy to use,” she says.

Both communications, Welty says, are very professional and look much better than anything they sent in the past.

Visible results

When she looks back at the concept of print newsletters, Welty sees what she can only describe as a “black hole.”

“With the print, you don’t have any feedback, who’s reading it, who’s throwing it away, who wants it,” she says.

With the eNewsletter, however, Welty has been amazed with the number of people coming in as new subscribers — people she sees as potentially great customers.

And the direct feedback? Welty has received dozens of emails from customers and employees who say they like the email communications.

“I’ve been really overwhelmed at the reception that this has gotten,” Welty says. “Everyone has received it with open arms, and I’ve had nothing but positive comments.”

Here’s a copy of GIW’s most recent newsletter.


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