So much of lead generation is composed of cold calling that goes nowhere. The average sales team spends up to 80 percent of its time just trying to dig up prospects that might be interested! But now your sales team can stop wasting its time on dead ends and instead follow up on hot leads — prospects that contacted your company because they’re already interested.

Are you paying your marketing company for failing?
All those spreadsheets of web traffic and lists of names that marketing gurus create aren’t worth much unless they turn into real sales leads. That’s why Proven Systems proposes a radical concept: Pay-for-Performance lead generation.

What’s the difference? Sales leads are just a list of names, but the sales inquiries we’ll send you are qualified, interested prospects who already know of your products or services and want to learn more. And if they don’t pan out, we’ll replace them with better leads.

Benefits of Pay-for-Performance
Besides making the most of your sales team’s time, Pay-for-Performance:

  • Allows you to only pay for qualified sales leads — a no-risk proposition for your company!
  • Sales lead generation is an extension of our newsletter marketing services, which create educated buyers and cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Sales inquiry generation is a logical “next step” of that service.
  • Fits into your existing sales process.
  • Develops conversations with prospects — offering your sales staff a strong starting point.

The Pay-for-Performance Lead Generation service grew out of our eNewsletters, which deliver problem-solving tips to your prospects along with info on your products and services. As you build a relationship with your customer base, they’re more likely to become interested leads.

Our team of experts creates collateral for you
Our concepts complement your newsletter marketing, highlighting a specific product, service or sales event. eFliers are targeted to a particular subgroup within your mailing list — so they go to the people whose interest will most likely be piqued.

Proven Systems delivers results
It’s time to stop spending money on meaningless metrics and listless leads. Proven Systems has generated thousands of sales inquiries — so we know how to get your message across to interested buyers. And since we only charge for good prospects, our goals are exactly in sync with your goals.

Multiple hot leads are much better than a lengthy “cold list.” So try newsletter marketing with Pay-for-Performance Lead Generation, and transform your eNewsletter from a goodwill-builder to a lead- generator.