How You Can Benefit from Customer Feedback

Man and woman working on laptopWhile every business loves their customers, we often fear their feedback. What if they weren’t completely satisfied? What if they leave an angry comment? And worse, what if a potential customer sees the criticism and it drives them away?

Although the possibility of getting a negative response can be scary, the benefits of a review far out-weigh the risks. Open communication between your business and your customers can give you insight into your own brand and may even be a resource for gaining new leads. Here are three reasons why customer feedback is beneficial to your business.

1. Reviews and testimonials are considered a trusted source of information. Potential customers want to hear from a “normal person” about their experience with your company, and a positive review can make you seem more trustworthy. If a customer has had a positive experience with your company, ask them for a review or testimonial. Adding it to your website or featuring it in an article or newsletter can help you connect with potential new clients.

2. Feedback can tell you what you are doing well and what you need to improve on. If customers are constantly blown away by a special feature or service you offer, it could be a great tool for drawing in more business. On the other hand, if customers are consistently unhappy with an aspect of your service, you can determine ways to make their experience better. Analyzing trends in customer satisfaction can help you focus your marketing and lead generation tactics.

3. It can improve your customer relationships and generate new ones. Customers want to be respected and feel like they have a voice. By listening to what a customer has to say, and acknowledging their thoughts, you add value to their experience with you. As an added bonus, reviews and testimonials improve your search engine rankings too. Having multiple positive reviews from a variety of companies and industries expands your pool of relevant search terms and can bring more traffic to your website.

Getting customer feedback helps you identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses and allows your customers to have a voice. Whether you get feedback through a survey, comment box, or follow up call, doing so will ultimately improve your business.

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