Are B2B Customers Really Influenced by Online Feedback?

TypingA: Absolutely: B2B customers are influenced by online feedback. B2B customers are usually short on time, so anything from a bad review to a slow response time to their emails or other inquiries can send customers packing and off to your competition. To avoid losing future business, you need to stay on top of customer comments, complaints, and other feedback.

How much can a slow response time hurt you? According to The Social Habit Survey, 24% of American Internet users age 12 and older who contact a brand via social media expect a reply within 30 minutes, regardless of when the contact was made. That’s unrealistic on the customer’s part, perhaps — but if they don’t get the reply they want when they want it, customers will share their bad experience with friends. And that negative word of mouth costs brands worldwide an estimated $338 billion per year.

The good news: Positive reviews and visible customer service interactions can seal the deal for B2B buyers. Marketing Land reports  that B2B companies can get real benefits fromcustomers who have good customer service interactions. In its survey, 62% of respondents said they purchased more products or services from a B2B company after having a positive customer service experience.

So yes, an agile response to online feedback is important for your business! Manage your online presence vigilantly and wisely. A rapid response time and a positive attitude toward any feedback, negative or positive, can work wonders for your company’s reputation — and your company’s bottom line — in the long run.

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